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I have noticed on the Motorola xoom, that the applications icons on the Launcher are 72px by 72px. This is normally the size of icons defined in drawable-hdpi/ in packages.

In my application I want to display the icons of some installed applications on that 72x72px size. I currently fetch the icons of installed apps via the PackageManager, but it returns me bitmaps of inferior size (46px), which corresponds to the resources defined in drawable-mdpi/ of each package. This is not acceptable for me as I would like to display these icons in a larger format.

Apparently the 10" screen of the Motorola xoom is 160dpi, thus mdpi and xlarge (see This would explain the behaviour of PackageManager returning me mdpi resouces instead of hdpi resources.

How could I get the icons of installed applications in a size of 72x72px minimum? Does anyone knows how it was done in the Launcher application on Android Honeycomb?

Thanks, Laurent

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You can create special sub-folder in your res folder and call it like drawable-large-v11, or drawable-large-v11, or other name suitable for your application.

Then copy large icon to that sub-folder, but filename must be the same as in other folders for different dpi's. I've used such approach in my applications and it works great.

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