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I've got the following MXML tag:

<mx:Image id="image" width="100%" height="100%" 

But for some reason my completeHandler / progressHandler functions aren't being called. The reason I need the complete event is because I want to manipulate the bitmap data once the image has loaded. In creationComplete the bitmap data is still null. Why aren't these events firing?

Edit: The asset is correctly showing in my application - so I know the asset is in the right location (the embed guarantees that at compile time anyway).

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Does the content appear properly in your app? –  David Hanak Mar 24 '09 at 7:29

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Check your asset path. Most probably, the swf is not at the right path or is not getting copied to an assets folder in the debug-build/release-build directory.

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So, you just have to add the Event.COMPLETE listener to the loader.contentLoaderInfo directly instead of to the loader. I can't believe this isn't int he docs.

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If you're using an embedded asset, the width / height properties are available immediately on the source object:

var mySource:Object = new embeddedClass();
m_myWidth = mySource.width;
m_myHeight = mySource.height;
m_image = new Image();
m_image.source = mySource;

So, you have to create an instance of the source first, then set the source on your image object.

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That seems to be the expected behavior here!

From the documentation:

The progress event is not guaranteed to be dispatched. The complete event may be received, without any progress events being dispatched. This can happen when the loaded content is a local file.

So I think this part can explain why no progress events are being caught in your example.

Dispatched when content loading is complete. Unlike the complete event, this event is dispatched for all source types. Note that for content loaded via Loader, both ready and complete events are dispatched. For other source types such as embeds, only ready is dispatched.

It clearly says that you should listen for READY events instead of COMPLETE when dealing with embedded sources ;)

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