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For the last couple of years I have worked with Silverlight (from version 2 to 4) and never seriously used WPF. Are there any quick tours/links/tutorials that explains and introduces WPF: differences to Silverlight and its unique features?

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A possible duplicate of WPF vs Silverlight.?

Anyway, it won't be hard, as WPF introduces a greater feature set, and most are MORE extensive than SL. It's a like bit more features built ON TOP of SL, so your existing skills will definitely do. (I did the other way around, from WPF to Silverlight - for some web apps, and I confirm that it is harder)

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Thanks. That question is about two years old and some of the answers are outdated, but it is still a great link! – VoodooChild Jul 20 '11 at 1:51

These links might be helpful -

WPF Compatibility

Writing Cross-Platform XAML Applications

XAML Processing Differences Between Silverlight Versions and WPF

Porting from WPF to Silverlight: The Missing Pieces, Part 2

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