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I have the list object that I'm passing using json. How can I convert it to array like you can see below using jquery or javascript?

List<MyItem> items = new List<MyItems>();
items.Add(new (){ItemName = "Apple", ItemCount = 5});
items.Add(new (){ItemName = "Tomato", ItemCount = 3});
items.Add(new (){ItemName = "Banana", ItemCount = 8});
items.Add(new (){ItemName = "Avokado", ItemCount = 5});
items.Add(new (){ItemName = "Potato", ItemCount = 9});
items.Add(new (){ItemName = "Onion", ItemCount = 1});


var raw_data = [['Apple', 5],
                ['Tomato', 3],
                ['Banana', 8],
                ['Avokado', 5]];
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You mean you have an array of objects in JS and you want to convert that to array of arrays? – svick Jul 19 '11 at 23:59

You can use Json.Net to do this.

Also you can use javascriptserializer see this

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Use JSON and eval(). Just inform yourself a bit about javascript. – Zebi Jul 20 '11 at 2:16
@Zebi, using eval() to parse JSON is really dangerous. You shouldn't do that. – svick Jul 20 '11 at 7:38

You can use a for loop to get the keys of an object and then use the keys returned in the for loop to associate the key with the value in the object:

var ob={x:1,y:2,z:3}
for(var prop in ob){
    alert(prop + ' = ' + ob[prop]);
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I think this will work (using the compiler in my brain - not trustworthy)

String[][] arrayize(List<MyItem> items)
    List<String[]> answer = new List<String[]>;
    foreach (var item in items) 
        answer.append(item.toArray()); // you need to write this api in MyItem
    return answer.toArray();
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