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How to let ItemsControl scroll vertically, if it's placed in a viewbox?

    <ItemsControl ItemsSource="..." />

I need the Viewbox to scale all the content of my ItemsControl horizontally to the width of the phone (Viewbox does it perfectly, it scales the content in such a way that the widest row of ItemsControl occupies exactly the width, equal to the phone width). But now I cannot scroll the list vertically for some reason, I tried ScrollViewer, scrollbars of Viewbox, scrollbars of ItemsControl -- nothing works.

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A ViewBox measures its contents, then transforms it so that it fits perfectly within the space available. This will remove the need for scrollbars!

Considering that phones have a fixed screen size, the ViewBox is often redundant. Why not just set an explicit size?

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Actually, it's not. In my case Viewbox adjusts the list only horizontally within the phone size, and vertically objects go out of the border. –  Skiminok Jul 20 '11 at 18:44

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