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So I am using CookComputing XML RPC and a C# implementation of magnetos API. I am pulling orders from Magento, but I am getting a forbidden error on only some of the orders. The rest a pull fine and I can get their information. Anyone know why this is happening?

Specifically it says:

CookComputing.XmlRpc.XmlRpcServerException: Forbidden at.. (then tells me all the different function calls down to this point in the code.)


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"then tells me all the different function calls down to this point in the code". Inspect the Magento source at this point and see why you're being denied access. – Alan Storm Jul 20 '11 at 0:37
ez-llc.com/studio/site/eznewsletter/blog/post/2009/03/15/… is this the c# library you are using? – B00MER Jul 21 '11 at 17:15
Yes.. but now i figured out how to use Magento's C# Soap library. Not getting the error with that, so I am going to keep messing with it. Thanks! – Lewis Cutter III Jul 21 '11 at 17:24

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