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I'm trying to learn Tkinter but I'm running into a problem. I'd like it so once the user hits their Enter key it will copy what is in an Entry field. I was planning on using the .bind() method but it doesn't seem to register my key presses. I tried multiple ways and it seems if they are keyboard related, they do not work.

self.frame.bind("<Return>", self.testevent)   #Doesn't Work
self.frame.bind("<Enter>", self.testevent)    #Works
self.frame.bind("<Button-1>", self.testevent) #Works
self.frame.bind("<F1>", self.testevent)       #Doesn't work

There are no errors that pop up when the script is compiled. I've looked around and have been unable to find an answer.

Edit: One of my sentences was jumbled.

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It seems you have to call self.frame.focus_set() first.

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Not necessarily "first", just sometime. By default, frames don't have keyboard focus. – Bryan Oakley Jul 20 '11 at 15:44

I tried doing something like that too and it didn't work. Just use tk.bind() or root.bind() (depending on what the name of the Tk() is). But if you already have a keyboard bind for your Tk() that is similar, you can just follow the self.frame.focus_set() way.

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binding to the root window has a different effect than binding to a specific frame. The problem isn't the binding, the problem is that frames don't have the keyboard focus unless you explicitly give it to them. – Bryan Oakley Dec 18 '14 at 11:39

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