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This is a strange one...

A while back I managed to write a .htaccess redirect that worked so that the URL was read like: - and what the real URL of this page was

The problem has been that the FTP system of my webhost hides .htaccess files even though they are allowed and do operate - and so I have checked back on local copies I have of my .htaccess files and none of them have the code as to how this works - and I've forgotten how I did it!!

Essentially, I am using wildcards so that anything after mt?page= will actually be showing PageParser.php?file= but without having the PageParser.php showing within the URL (and this is the important bit, because the index.php on my site root is actually sent through PageParser.php first so that anything which shouldn't be there is wiped out before the end user sees it) - so how can .htaccess redirect/rewrite the URL so that any link to /mt?page= show the file located at /PageParser.php?file= without changing the URL the user sees?

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RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^(.*)mt?page=(.*)$ $1PageParser.php?file=$2
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RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /

RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^page=([^&]+)
RewriteRule ^mt$ /PageParser.php?file=%1.php [NC,L]
  1. This rule will rewrite (internal redirect) request for /mt?page=hello to /PageParser.php?file=hello.php without changing URL in browser.

  2. Your source URL example ( has index while target URL ( has index.php. The above rule will add .php to the page name value, so if you request /mt?page=hello.php it will be rewritten to /PageParser.php?file=hello.php.php.

    If there is a typo in your URL example and page value should be passed as is, then remove .php bit from rewrite rule.

  3. The rule will work fine even if some other parameters are present (e.g. /mt?page=hello&name=Pinky) but those extra parameters will not be passed to rewritten URL. If needed -- add QSA flag to rewrite rule.

  4. This rule is to be placed in .htaccess in website root folder. If placed elsewhere some small tweaking may be required.

P.S. Better write no explanation (I knew it/I did it before .. but now I forgot how I did it) than having these "excuses". While it may be 100% true, it just does not sound that great.

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This is close to what I had... However it isn't working. If I remove the code from .htaccess then the initial request to go to mt?page=index STILL WORKS - but all other requests return a http 404.... however if I try and request mt?page=news it just reloads the index page (mt?page=index) despite the URL in the address bar reading mt?page=news – C Nelson Jul 21 '11 at 1:19
@C Nelson Well, I do not know why it still displays index when news are expected. I know for sure that I have tested it before posting, I just retested it again .. and I clearly see that for mt?page=news the file parameter has news.php as a value. Maybe you have some other rules .. or there is some logic error in PageParser.php. I suggest create new file echo.php and put this inside: <?php phpinfo(INFO_VARIABLES); ?>.Save it next to PageParser.php. Now change the rule: replace PageParser.php by echo.php. Now test mt?page=news URL and check value of _GET["file"] in results. – LazyOne Jul 21 '11 at 1:50
The results don't have a "_GET["file"]" listed... but there is this: _REQUEST["file"] index.php _REQUEST["page"] 404 - This is just the index page but it is the same for news.php or anything else, the "file" returns correct (ie. news.php) but the "page" returns as 404. I tried changing the .htaccess to do the same thing but direct to echo.php instead of pageparser.php - and it didn't want to know! – C Nelson Jul 25 '11 at 2:06
The problem seems to be in PageParser.php - and a strange one at that... as it seems to fail to grab to $file variable in some parts... $theurl = implode('', file($file)); ob_start(); // start buffering php output include($file); // output from $file is buffered $string = ob_get_contents(); // ob_get_content contains the buffered php output ob_end_clean(); // remove the buffered php output $parse = parse_code($theurl); This works and the contents of the page defined in the $file variable are grabbed and buffered... but if I then do this if(!file_exists($_GET['file'])){ //failure }=fail. – C Nelson Jul 25 '11 at 2:47
Now it's even more confusing... as I've just removed this from .htaccess: ErrorDocument 404 /PageParser.php?file=index.php&page=404 and now EVERYTHING is giving a 404 error... even pages that were working. I did have a .htaccess rule like this: RewriteRule ^random/([0-9]+) /RandomComment.php?comment=$1 [NC] and this had been working. but now I get "the requested URL /random/56 was not found on this server" (56 was the test number). Even if I make a directory "/random" it still fails. – C Nelson Jul 25 '11 at 2:58

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