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I have just started using TortoiseGIT to work with my SVN repository at work (I have to jump between branches quite a bit so this saves on quite a bit of down time). However, I've only used Git or SVN, but not git-svn. Should I merge my local branch with remotes/trunk first or is just doing a dcommit from the master sufficient enough to get my changes into the trunk?

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I always rebase it so there will only be fast forward movement for the trunk ref. I wonder if git-svn works correctly for merging. As I remember, git-svn, after dcommit, will perform a fetch from svn, and reset the head to position of new trunk. It gotta make your revision graph a mess, even git-svn can pick up correct revision to dcommit.

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I asked a coworker, he agrees that you should always rebase your branch, and never do a git merge. –  Alexander Miles Jul 21 '11 at 20:56

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