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I need to do a search which involves navigating down to the child elements and then back up to the root/parent. How do I do such a thing using the Criteria API?

As an example I have:

Criteria crit = getSessionFactory().getCurrentSession()

Now I need to go to the User class to get the address which is associated with the user ( a set of Addresses):

    .add(Restrictions.eq("postcode", postCode));

But now I've done this, I need to go back up to get the other one-to-many associations from the parent class TherapyImpl e.g.

    .add(Restrictions.eq("type", searchByValueSelected));

But hibernate thinks this is referring to the User criteria that we chained and created earlier.

So do I create multiple criterias?? Is there a way of navigating back up the tree etc?

thanks for your comments Paul

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Rather than creating a sub-Criteria for the user association, create an alias for it:

crit.createAlias("user", "userAlias");
crit.add(Restrictions.eq("userAlias.addresses.postcode", postCode);

(You might need to create a sub-alias for addresses.)

Then, do the same for therapyProvisions:

crit.createAlias("therapyProvisions", "therapyProvisionsAlias");
crit.add(Restrictions.eq("therapyProvisionsAlias.type", searchByValueSelected);

Now you'll have inner joins all around.

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