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Can anybody provide me with an example on how to use the gyroscope with Monotouch? I can't figure out how to respond to gyro update events.


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Here is a simple example:

using MonoTouch.CoreMotion;

CMMotionManager motionManager;
private void StartGyro()
    motionManager = new CMMotionManager();
    motionManager.GyroUpdateInterval = 1/10;
    if (motionManager.GyroAvailable)
        motionManager.StartGyroUpdates(NSOperationQueue.MainQueue, GyroData_Received);

private void GyroData_Received(CMGyroData gyroData, NSError error)
    Console.WriteLine("rotation rate x: {0}, y: {1}, z: {2}", 
    gyroData.RotationRate.x, gyroData.RotationRate.y, gyroData.RotationRate.z);

Each of the three values of the RotationRate property of the CMGyroData instance is the amount of rotation angle per second on each axis, in radians.

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Thanks for example! I knew it was something straight forward, but couldn't put the pieces together. –  robertweis Jul 21 '11 at 0:26

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