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Is there any way to customize will_paginate control button to add more button like FIRST and LAST, not only previous and next buttons. Thank you.

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The first page is pretty easy:

link_to 'First Page', :action => :whatever, :page => 1

The last page a little tricky, in your model class add:

class << self
  # number of records per page, from the will_paginate docs
  def per_page

  # takes a hash of finder conditions and returns a page number
  # returns 1 if nothing was found, as not to break pagination by passing page=0
  def last_page_number(conditions=nil)
    total = count :all, :conditions => conditions
    [((total - 1) / per_page) + 1, 1].max

now you can do:

link_to 'Last page', :action => :whatever, :page => Model.last_page_number
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Suppose you are paginating @users then put these links in your view

<%= link_to 'First Page', :action => 'index', :page => 1 %>
<%= will_paginate @users %>
<%= link_to 'Last Page', :action => 'index', :page => @users.page_count %>
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that would be a good solution if page_count was a method that returned the number of pages. unfortunately will_paginate doesn't have that method built in –  Chris Barretto Jul 20 '11 at 8:17
sorry but i am using this method in rails 2.8 and its working for me fine. –  Mahesh Jul 20 '11 at 13:27

Try this link: Revisited: roll your own pagination links with will_paginate and Rails 3

View "Remove page numbers and just have first, previous, next and last page links" section

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