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I have loading the webview in my Activity. the Web content is having some flash content. when i try to finish the Activity. Its taking too much time. the screen goes to blank screen for little time and resuming to the app.

Is there any Idea to fix this issue??

Thanks in Advance.

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which version you are using...???? above android 3.x versions only support flash. Below 3.x wont support flash for this reason only you are getting blank screen. try with above 3.x versions.

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pkc from web view is it possible to display flash content?and i think ur screen go to blank because you are loading image from server ,you should have to use asynchronous task for loading the image and handle it properly...

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Really i have no idea what is the problem on finishing my Activity?? are you saying that we need to use AsyncTask for finishing my Activity. If yes then please post some code.. Thanks in advance –  Praveen Jul 20 '11 at 6:39

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