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I'm new to Qt and I would like to implement FTP and SFTP support for my software. As I googled I discovered that there doesn't exist a sftp library for Qt but it should be possible with QNetworkAccessManager. I tried then to discover on how to build a custom protocol or something like that but didn't figure out how to do it.

Does someone know how I could do that?

Thanks, Michael

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There is no support for SFTP in Qt SDK but Qt Creator implements SFTP.

I have isolated the library that contains SSH and SFTP and I have created a new project named QSsh in Github. The aim of the project is to provide SSH and SFTP support for any Qt Application.

I have written an example on how to upload a file using SFTP. Take a look at examples/SecureUploader/

I hope it might be helpful

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You need a custom implementation for each protocol. But we can create a class like QHttp which will do that. There are several protocols that has similar semantic, but not all. So, if you want write it, tell me and I help you.

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Don't know if I got some spare time soon, but maybe I'll try it :) Thanks for your answer – Michael Weibel Nov 14 '11 at 19:59

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