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I've installed the mediaelement.js wordpress plugin on wordpress 3.1.4. I use the following on a wordpress page:

[video src='/echo-hereweare.mp4' width='640' height='360']

The page renders the video correctly on Safari and Chrome, but on Firefox and Internet explorer, after clicking the play icon, the movie window just goes gray with an X in the center. I've tried both version 2.15 and 2.1.7 of the plugin.

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I gave up on this and used jwplayer. Well worth the license cost for the amount of time saved. – barryj Aug 8 '11 at 11:03

I am having the same issues after updating to the latest version. I'm playing an audio file. It seems to be moving, but no audio can be heard.


Safari/Chrome: no autoplay, but sound is audible IE/Firefox: autoplay works (the scrubber moves), but no audio can be heard

***** EDIT ****** I've downgraded to version 2.1.5 and it's working again.

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It does not work at all in IE9 64 but in IE932 it plays but looks as if it has enlarged the entire frame and is only playing a tiny portion. This is H.264 encoded video.

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Firefox does not recognize MP4 video. Nor does IE before version 9. You need to encode 3 version of your video - MP4, OGG and Flash and create a source list within the video tag.

Read the following for which browsers play which formats:

and here is a decent guide on how to write the video tag to payback on all browsers (although the flash embedding for IE is a pain.

Good luck!

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