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I am using android built in SIP API. (Example code) I need to do close the session when call has ended (SipAudioCall.endCall() and SipAudioCall.close()).

Problem: when user on the other side hangs up, it takes 0-60 seconds until the listener in

SipAudioCall.Listener.onCallEnded(SipAudioCall call)

is triggered. Also call.isInCall() takes aproximatly the same amount of time to change. I need to close the session/call in order to make another call. At the moment when the user on the other end hangs up first, I have to wait up to 60 sec to make another call.

Why does it take so much time to trigger onCallEnded and is there a way to fix this?

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I am using the same code but getting no time delay. I have a audiocall listner on both makecall and take call and when i disconnect a call, i simple call audioCall.endCall() on audioCall object returned by takecall().

If still need some help please comment and i need to ask how are you implementing call reject feature.


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I haven't implemented reject functionality (my app is in house use only for making calls). I think the delay is probably my network specific. – Indrek Kõue Oct 7 '11 at 7:55

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