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This question appeared when I recently opened a rather old driver for my raid device. To be able to compile the driver for a Linux system, I started to investigate on all those errors I got on output. And I came across this kind of syntax used in the driver sources:

struct file_operations t3_fops = {
        owner:                  THIS_MODULE,
        ioctl:                  ft_ioctl,
        fasync:                 ft_fasync,
        open:                   ft_open,
        release:                ft_release

So guys, could you help me to understand what does ":" mean? Is this C syntax at all? I know there is a bit field definition, but this looks rather different to me.

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This syntax for initializing structure members is called a designated initializer. The : is older GCC-specific syntax. This is documented in the GCC manual.

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I believe this is the right answer :-) Still I have a question on it: why there isn't a way to assign default values to a struct in C? If we can use the syntax : in the definition of a struct, it would be very convenient. – Stan Jul 20 '11 at 8:56

This is C99 struct initialization syntax. owner, ioctl, etc, are names of fields in the struct, and THIS_MODULE, ft_ioctl, etc, are the values. This is effectively doing the following, except at compile time:

struct file_operations t3_fops;
t3_fops.owner = THIS_MODULE;
t3_fops.ioctl = ft_ioctl;

The new syntax is nice, because it makes the initialization work regardless of the order of the struct fields.

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In standard 6.7.8 Initialization, I cannot see the ':' syntax so I think it's an extension of gcc. Or I miss the contents on it? Could you please point out where the standard mentions the struct initialization syntax ':'? Thank you! – Stan Jul 20 '11 at 8:19
Sorry, I remembered the wrong syntax. Indeed the colon is a gcc extension, [owner] THIS_MODULE is the standard syntax. (I think. I don't have access to my copy of the standard right now.) – Lars Wirzenius Jul 20 '11 at 10:53

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