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I have declared my CustomException class. When the onException() catches it , it goes to the processor I defined :


So far so good . The issue that I need into the processor to check if the exception is of type "CustomException" or not

when I write :

def process(exchange: Exchange) = { val exception: CustomException= exchange.getProperty(Exchange.EXCEPTION_CAUGHT, classOf[CustomException])

I got null

But when I write :

def process(exchange: Exchange) = {
    val exception: Exception = exchange.getProperty(Exchange.EXCEPTION_CAUGHT, classOf[Exception])

I got my exception object

How could I check which type of exception is thrown into the processor !

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in Java DSL, this works...

public void process(Exchange exch) throws Exception {
    Exception e = (Exception) exch.getProperty(Exchange.EXCEPTION_CAUGHT);
    if (e instanceof CustomException) {
        logger.info("custom exception");
    } else {
        logger.info("other excpetion");
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