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I am interested in HTTP PUSH technologies. I am interested in the technology behind pages like Yahoo Finance etc, which are able to update the page with data in real time.

When I checked the FF console, there are no periodic POSTs from the client which suggests that the client is not polling, rather it is having data PUSHed to it.

I then checked the page source - (AFAICT) they are NOT:

  • using a java applet
  • using a hidden iframe
  • using any custom client side JS library (like APE etc)

So HOW are the pages being updated in real time?.

Can anyone explain the technolgies used to put together such a page - a link to a simple demo would be most useful.

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The techniques for HTTP PUSH and the like are

The Push technology article on wikipedia is a good read.

The Transports at socket.io should give you examples of how to implement these technologies.

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I am aware of those technologies. My point is that some pages (like the Yahoo finance page I mentioned) do not APPEAR to be using any of these technologies. APE (which I mentioned in my question), is based on Comet. I know (think?) that the Yahoo finance page is not using WebSockets, because the page works in old browsers which don't support HTML5/WebSockets. –  pinkmonkey4eva Jul 20 '11 at 8:48
@pinkmonkey4eva last time I checked yahoo finance it used a hidden iframe. –  Raynos Jul 20 '11 at 8:52

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