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I am an emacs user (on linux laptop) looking to make better use of my keyboard settings. The windows key is unused on my keyboard... is there any way to map it to m-x? This might make many emacs commands faster.



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I'd actually like to set it to Hyper. –  Svante Mar 24 '09 at 2:41
for windows users wondering, this is answered at stackoverflow.com/questions/356724/… –  Michael Paulukonis Mar 24 '09 at 19:11

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Use xmodmap to make it the Menu key, as in

keycode 115 = Menu

You will have to use xev to find out if the Windows key is key 115 on your keyboard.

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Just to provide a little more info, here's a link to a quick series of steps to remap the CapsLock Key in both X and Virtual Consoles:

The steps can be identically followed for Windows key or whatever else you may wish to remap.

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