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I need an explanation about how create new path on rails 3. I want this link for example

link_to "eat chocolate", eat_chocolate_user_path(user)

be equals to

link_to "eat chocolate", :controller => 'user', :action=>'eat_chocolate', :id=> user

I read many guides about it, including routing of railsguide. But i still do not know how it exactly work.

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add the following line to your routes.rb file.

match 'user/eat_chocolate/:id' => 'user#eat_chocolate', :as => :eat_chocolate_user

Look up named routes for more info.

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Thank you, i was able to create succesfully routes, but i was unable to give it a name. –  perello Jul 20 '11 at 10:06
The name of the route is specified with the :as parameter. So the above should have created eat_chocolate_user_path for you. Is that not working for you? –  Kevin Tsoi Jul 20 '11 at 19:06

In some cases it will be better to use GET.

Using match will accept ALL http verbs GET PUT POST DELETE meaning that somebody could potentially mis-use your application. If all you're doing is showing something in a #show action, you should use this instead

get 'user/eat_chocolate/:id' => 'user#eat_chocolate', :as => :eat_chocolate_user

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