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I use HTMLCleaner for mining the data.... Here is how does it works:

    HtmlCleaner cleaner = new HtmlCleaner();
    final String siteUrl = "http://www.apple.com/";

    TagNode node = cleaner.clean(new URL(siteUrl));
    TagNode[] aTagNode = node.getAllElements(true);

    for(int i = 0; i< aTagNode.length; i++){

But I find there are some problems.... For example, get the text:

                <a href="/choose-your-country/"> 
                    <img src="http://images.apple.com/home/elements/worldwide_us.png" alt="United States of America" height="22" width="22" /> 
                    <span class="more">Choose your country or region</span> 

The "Choose your country or region" is inside the span tag, but it's parent node is a "a" tag..... I don't want it also, I just want something like this....:

<p class="left">Shop the <a href="/store/">Apple Online Store</a> (1-800-MY-APPLE), visit an <a href="/retail/">Apple Retail Store</a>, or find a <a href="/buy/">reseller</a>.</p> 

I want the result is Stop the, (1-800-MY-APPLE),visit an, or find a, and . Because Apple Online Store, Apple Retail Store and reseller is the text inside the a tag, so, I want to ignore these words. Thank you.

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    TagNode[] aTagNode = node.getAllElements(true);
    ArrayList<TagNode> tagNodes = new ArrayList<TagNode>();
    Set<TagNode> toBeRemoved = new HashSet<TagNode>();
    for(int i = 0; i< aTagNode.length; i++){
                TagNode[] children = aTagNode[i].getChildTags().
                for(TagNode child : children) {
    for(TagNode node : tagNodes){
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