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I'm using the Internet Explorer to execute an JS application. Part of this application is to copy/clone an inputfield (including autocompletion functionality).

For that, I simply clone the input existing field:

field=$("#Searach_Field").clone().prependTo('#New_form');   //clone Element
field.attr('id','New_Search_Field');    //assign new ID to the input field.

This code works very well on firefox: the input field is cloned and also the auto completion works on the new input field.

But at the IE 8: there is no input field! It looks like clone() or prependTo is not executed.

Thank you.

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Try to unchain the calls


There seem to have a typo in #Serach_Field.

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thank you, for your answer. But there is no difference. Your version works well @ firefox but not at the IE8. :-( –  The Bndr Jul 20 '11 at 11:17
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I found the answer:

"#Serach_Field" is added to the page "READY" position of the document, while the clone() runs after loading the end (position:END) of the application/document. That means: "#Serach_Field" does not exist at the time clone() is executing.

It looks like, this is not a problem for the firefox. Maybe the firefox is slower in processing the page, than the IE.

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