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I have setup FT search in SQL Server 2005 but I cant seem to find a way to match "Lias" keyword to a record with "Lia's". What I basically want is to allow people to search without the apostrophe.

I have been on and off this problem for quite some time now so any help will really be a blessing.

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EDIT 2: just realised this doesn't actually resolve your problem, please ignore and see other answer! The code below will return results for a case when a user has inserted an apostrophe which shouldn't be there, such as "abandoned it's cargo".

I don't have FT installed locally and have not tested this - you can use the syntax of CONTAINS to test for both the original occurrence and one with the apostrophe stripped, i.e.:

FROM table
WHERE CONTAINS ('value' OR Replace('value', '''',''))

EDIT: You can search for phrases using double quotes, e.g.

FROM table
WHERE CONTAINS ("this phrase" OR Replace("this phrase", '''',''))

See MSDN documentation for CONTAINS. This actually indicates the punctuation is ignored anyway, but again I haven't tested; it may be worth just trying CONTAINS('value') on its own.

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Hmm.. This can work but how about for phrase searches? This is more suitable for exact term searches. – vintana Mar 26 '09 at 13:28
Edited to add phrase information and link to documentation. – Alistair Knock Mar 26 '09 at 14:12

I haven't used FT, but in doing queries on varchar columns, and looking for surnames such as O'Reilly, I've used:

surname like Replace( @search, '''', '') + '%' or
Replace( surname,'''','') like @search + '%'

This allows for the apostrophe to be in either the database value or the search term. It's also obviously going to perform like a dog with a large table.

The alternative (also not a good one probably) would be to save a 2nd copy of the data, stripped of non-alpha characters, and search (also?) against that copy. So there original would contain Lia's and the 2nd copy Lias. Doubling the amount of storage, etc.

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Copying the text column to another, minus the apostrophe, is the last resort I have in mind. It doesn't seem right though. Can Lucene.NET or other ways to search workaround this issue? – vintana Mar 26 '09 at 13:25

Another attempt:

SELECT surname
FROM table
WHERE surname LIKE '%value%'
OR REPLACE(surname,'''','') LIKE '%value%'

This works for me (without FT enabled), i.e. I get the same results when searching for O'Connor or OConnor.

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