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I know that Eclipse offers a way to map custom folders on my HDD (for example, C:\Projects\Lol\ if working under Windows) as the folders of my project.

This can be achieved using the Link the folder in the file system option when performing New->Folder action.

However, I didn't find how to map the folders with relative (not absolute) paths. Is this possible?

I'm confused, because if mapping the folders with relative paths (say, ../Lol/Include) is impossible, this makes sharing projects with such folders among my team impossible.

How should I solve this?

Thank you.

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Did you try to type in the relative path on your own? Also I remember that you can give paths relative to the project directory. –  Nobody Jul 20 '11 at 10:15

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I usally achieve this behavior by having a symbolic link on file-system level and adding it to the code repository. I don't know if it is THE way to go, but works perfectly well for me.

Any eclipse-only link is stored in the eclipse meta files and I doubt it's better checking them in because they will usually differ slightly from user to user.

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