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How can I access a feed list (RSS, Atom) of my guest blog on wordpress, I don't want the content of the blog (posts) but only the list (title, autor, description)

Is it possible? if yes, how?


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Depends on your guest blog setup. To access the RSS feed of your site you need to append /feed to your URL:


To access the feed of a certain category (if you happen to have your guest bloggers only post to a specific category:


Or on a per-Tag-basis:


That's basically it ...

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You can load feed details using following code,

            SyndicationFeed feed = SyndicationFeed.Load(XmlReader.Create("http://en.blog.wordpress.com/feed/"));
            IEnumerable<SyndicationItem> syndicationItems = feed.Items;
            int counter = 0;
            int maxItems = 10;
            foreach (SyndicationItem syndicationItem in syndicationItems)
                if (counter >= maxItems)
                counter += 1;
                Response.Write("<h4><strong>" + syndicationItem.Title.Text + "</strong></h4>");
                Response.Write("<p class='small'>Posted on " + syndicationItem.PublishDate.ToString("MMMM d, yyyy") + "</p>");
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