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Hi I am trying to run my application on android Emulator . . yesterday it was working fine and right now its working fine on device . . but when I select Emulator it gives me error as in attached image . .Anyone can guide what's the reason . .?enter image description here

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May be you are changing the path of the android sdk folder.The path can't contain spaces.Like if you keep it in Program Files/android-sdk-windows it will create problem because Program Files has a space on the path

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android-sdk-windows\android-sdk-windows\tools>emulator -avd  new -scale 0.62
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Try this: goto the AVD Manager and create new Emulator the name should not have any special characters. Then launch the emulator.

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Removing the old virtual device, deleting the temporary folder (c:\documents and settings\user.android\avd) and creating a new one should fix the problem

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appear this error because you are putting android sdk in path which has some space.Ex: Program files.Please move to other path which has no space.

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