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I am trying to solve this error, but failed miserably. I have declared my code below

msc_con_list_slot msc_slot;
memset(&msc_slot, 0, sizeof(msc_slot));
msc_pdn_con_t*conn = &msc_slot.conn;

msc_ber_list_slot bearer_slot;
memset(&bearer_slot, 0, sizeof(bearer_slot));
msc_ber_t *bearer = &bearer_slot.bearer;

and tried to iterate it

for(&bearer_slot=(&(conn->bearers))->head; &bearer_slot; &bearer_slot=(&bearer_slot)->next)
//asign value here 

I got an error of :
lvalue required as left operand of assignment
warning: the address of ‘bearer_slot’ will always evaluate as ‘true’

Maybe I miss something, because I don't really get what is the error actually mean is. Thank you for your help

edit add struct:

typedef struct {
        int id;
} msc_ber_t;

typedef struct _msc_ber_list_slot {
        msc_ber_t bearer;
        struct _msc_ber_list_slot *next, *prev;
} msc_ber_list_slot;

typedef struct {
        msc_ber_list_slot *head, *tail;
} msc_ber_list;
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In the for loop, you are assigning values to &bearer_slot, that is, the address of the variable bearer_slot, which is not allowed (it is not an lvalue) and makes no sense. Furthermore, your loop condition is the value of &bearer_slot, which will always evaluate to true (as it is a non-NULL pointer), so your loop will run forever. You will need to provide more context on what you want this loop to do. By the way, (&x)->y can be written more succinctly as x.y - this would make your code a lot more readable.

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thank you for your explanation, but I still can not get the sentence of "the address of the variable bearer_slot, which is not allowed (it is not an lvalue) and makes no sense" @James – heike Jul 20 '11 at 11:08
bearer_slot is a variable. You set its value using bearer_slot = whatever. &bearer_slot gives you a pointer that tells you where bearer_slot is stored in the memory. It makes no sense to change this representation of the physical location of the variable to another value. In technical terms, &bearer_slot is an rvalue, not an lvalue - that is, you cannot set its value. Compare with the statement x+1=y; (where x and y are, say, ints) - this is not allowed as x+1 is an rvalue. – James Jul 20 '11 at 11:40

You can't do this:


Show us how msc_ber_list_slot is defined.

I imagine you want something like this:

struct msc_ber_list_slot *slot;
for(slot=conn->bearers.head; slot; slot=slot->next)
//asign value here 
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why I can't do it? I edit the struct, also tried your suggestion but it return me different error of invalid type argument of ‘->’ (have ‘msc_ber_list’) @cnicutar – heike Jul 20 '11 at 11:01
@heike How is msc_pdn_con_t defined ? – cnicutar Jul 20 '11 at 11:02

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