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I was wondering how to get access to the USB (kind of /dev/usb) on my jailbroken iPhone, and how could I listen what is going on ( when I plug a device on my iPhone ) for a debug purpose (because I try to create a device that I could connect directly on my iPhone).


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You need to be a member of the MFi Program to get access to development information for iOS Accessories.

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I didn't know this MFI Program, i'm gonna read this thing, thanks for the answer. But I was also looking for informations on the tty.[USB_Device] inside the phone ( that i could access through python or what ever else language) – noktec Jul 20 '11 at 17:42
People that are in the MFi program likely couldn't reveal what kind of UN*X-style access is available due to NDAs. That program costs more and has more restrictions than the normal developer program. - - - i've never delved into any of that, good luck - - - always thought it would be cool to use an iPhone/iPad as a development platform for arduino, but no can do (for free) – bshirley Jul 20 '11 at 19:00

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