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I'm trying to derive an enum value from a String, like:

Level level = Enum.valueOf(Level.class, "WARNING");

But all I get is compiler warnings like: <T>valueOf(java.lang.Class<T>,java.lang.String) in java.lang.Enum cannot be applied to (java.lang.Class<java.util.logging.Level>,java.lang.String)

I know in JDK versions prior to 1.5 this:

Level level = Level.valueOf("WARNING");

would work, but I'm using JDK 1.6. Could anyone provide a working example for this kind of problem?


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java.util.logging.Level simply isn't an enum. Did you actually mean that Level class, or a different one?

The second snippet you posted wouldn't work either, but if you're really talking about the normal Level class, you can use:

Level level = Level.parse("WARNING");
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Damn, I've been assuming java.util.logging.Level is an enum all the time. No wonder why valueOf() failed all the time. – cyberguijarro Jul 20 '11 at 11:02

Level.WARNING, as well as Level.INFO and other Loggin levels are no ENUM's.

They're static final variables in the class.

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