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I'm aware that my question is very...plain and simple, but I'll ask it anyway: hope that someone can give me a hint.

I'm rewriting a PHP web-application using Symfony2. My need is to perform CRUD operations on database objects (which have a primary key and other two fields, called field1 and field2)

In my old web-app I used to recall this URL:


to invoke the updateProduct.php script to update the object having id=foo, setting value1 for field1 and value2 for field2.

Now I'm willing to use a Symfony2 controller to do that job...I wonder which routing should I set up for that. My controller is ProductController and it embeds a updateAction($id,$field1,$field2) method.

I tried with something like (yml syntax):

    pattern:  /product/update/{id}/field1={value1}&field2={value2}
    defaults: { _controller: TestMyBundle:Product:update } 

but it's not working.

So my question is: I'm mistaking the routing syntax (and if so, which is the correct one)? Or is there something I am missing about how to properly split request parameters to controllers?

Thanks in advance

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You probably want your route to look something like this:

pattern:    /product/update/{id}/{value1}/{value2}

This way just just invoke /product/update/1/fieldValue1/fieldValue2 to update the product.

I'm not sure, but probably the routing has some problems with your route defining an & in its route.

Update: Ah, the problem lies most probably in the fact that you don't have a / between your two values. Symfony2 uses the regex [^/]+ as standard regex for a parameter.


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The pattern you mention is valid, and I've been thinking about using it. But I wanted to use some kind of "user-friendly" URLs where field names could be specified, one way or another. Isn't there any way to escape the & and = characters in Symfony2 routing? –  csparpa Jul 20 '11 at 12:01
you could try something to add a requirement to the pattern like this requirements: value1: "[^&]+" So it would stop searching when it finds the first & –  kufi Jul 20 '11 at 13:05
& and = can be percent encoded (%26 and %3D respectively) and the route will not break, but the Symfony2 router will not match them (as it will try to match %26 and %3D literally). –  Adrian Jul 26 '11 at 8:13

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