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I want to get hash data in the redis server from nodeJs server

i have this script in the ruby

$redis.hset("token:test", 'user_id', 12)

how I can get 'token:test' value in the NodeJs server I've try

var pubsub = redis.createClient();

but it say undifined :(

can anyone help me??

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I think its solved With pubsub.hget("token:test",'user_id', function(err, data){console.log(data)}); – Adhitia Saputra Jul 20 '11 at 16:00
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Since node.js and it's modules are evented and non-blocking by it's nature, you should pass callback as the third parameter when you want to get the result of hget command.

redisClient.hget("myKey", "myField", function(err, obj) {
    // in case of error
    if(err) {

    // do something with returned object
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