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I have a route like that :

onException(classOf[RuntimeException]).process(runtimeProcessor).process(doSmth).log(LoggingLevel.INFO, "new", "${exchangeId} --- ${exception.stacktrace} ") 

On the processor I do :

 CustomException customException =new CustomException () 
    exchange.setException(customException ) 

The issue now that after this processor , it doesn't go to other processors (i.e. in my case , it doesn't go to "doSmth" processor )

I guess that behavior is that I have changed the exception on the exchange that I have built my "onException" over it .

Is there any way to force to go on my route even after changing the Exchange's exception !!

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what are you trying to do exactly...also, post questions on either Camel-Users forum or here...not both – boday Jul 20 '11 at 16:57

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I was trying to wrap the caught exception that comes into the exchage and wrap it into another custom exception .

After this wrapping I need to set this exception into a custom exchange . I have discoverd later from @Claus Ibsen-2 on the camel forum that Camel won't cont. routing when I use


I have managed to do some work around by doing the following @ processor :


then @Route :

this.onException(classOf[IOException]).process(doSmth).log(LoggingLevel.INFO, "new", ${in.header.ex} ") 

It prints into my log the following and that what I exactly need from the beginning : CustomException: java.lang.IOException

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