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I am "animating" diagrams over time by changing the data and redrawing them.

// initialization
var data = ...
var targetPlot = $.jqplot('#diagram', data, diagramOptions);

Now after some time I will change the data in some way and want to update the diagram. The following solution works:

// update Data = ...;
// remove old diagram
$('#<%= "diagram" + %>container').empty();
// redraw
targetPlot = $.jqplot('#diagram', data, diagramOptions);

Bit this is a complete redraw. With lots of data and a short intervall jQPlot takes much memory and the diagram is flickering.

How to do this correct?

The solution using the redraw-function for me only draws the old diagram:

// update Data = ...;
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This is the way I found after lots of investigation. I am writing this down to help someone reading this question.

The correct place to update the data is in the series property, after updating the data you can redraw the plot:

targetPlot.series[0].data = myData;

If your axis changed, then you can rescale them by using replot() instead of redraw():


This is much faster than redrawing a new plot every time.

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You can also activate animateReplot to get a little animation on the replot – Pierre de LESPINAY Feb 2 '12 at 11:41
Plus 300 if I could... the comment above is key to reanimating the chart. Thanks. – user1214678 Jun 25 '14 at 19:39

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