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I am a complete ColdFusion newbie so apologies in advance for my upcoming ignorance.

We are having an issue with an existing CFScript. The problematic script contains the following line:

if (fields.length() != 0) {
    // do something

The script runs successfully in ColdFusion 9, but we see the following message when trying to run the script in ColdFusion 7:

Invalid token '!' found on line...

I'm guessing that ColdFusion 7 does not like the '!=' operator, am I correct?

If so, are there any other backward compatibility issues with CFScript that could cause us to trip up? I've been searching for resources but there doesn't seem to be anything definitive.


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Yes, in CF7 you need to use ColdFusion's native comparison operators, in your case neq.


  • == with eq
  • != with neq
  • > with gt
  • < with lt
  • >= with gte
  • <= with lte
  • % with mod

and you're good to go. These operators are upward-compatible, CF9 will understand them.

Other than that,

  • you need to group all your local variables (those declared with var) at the top of a function in ColdFusion 7. This restriction has gone away in later editions of ColdFusion, but scripts written that way will of course continue to run.
  • there is an automatic local scope as of CF9. This scope was not available in CF7 and CF8, but by convention people added a var local = StructNew(); at the top of their CF7 functions, which will also work in CF > 7.
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The implicit local scope is in CF9 not CF8. –  bittersweetryan Jul 20 '11 at 12:37
@bittersweetryan: Ah, thanks for the hint! Updated my answer accordingly. –  Tomalak Jul 20 '11 at 12:41

You're right - the Javascript-like operators (!=, ==, ||, etc.) were only introduced in ColdFusion 9, along with a whole lot more scripting support.

This mostly relates to full script support for CFCs, but there are probably plenty of other other gotchas out there...

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They were introduced in CF8. :) –  Tomalak Jul 20 '11 at 12:05

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