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I have an Excel Spreadsheet (technically it is a Google Docs sheet, but the functions are pretty much identical.. )

Now in one Sheet, I have a list of cells.

A2 - K2. Each one of these has a number (1-10). This will be called the Index

Beneath those, each cell has a value, so..

A3 - K3. Each one also has a number (a value. Not 1-10, but arbitrary). This is called the Value.

Now then, in another Sheet, I need to be able to type in a Number that will corrospond to the A2-K2 Index and get the Summation of all values up to and including that Index. So then, assume the following...

   A   B    C   D
1  1   2    3   4
2  2   4    6   10

If I put in 3 in one cell, then beneath it, I want to get the value SUM(2+4+6). So the cell would show 12. I am having a lot of trouble figuring out how to do this without just outright hard-coding every single one in. Can anyone help me out?

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In Excel you could use this formula:


Where L2 is the cell where you will type in the index number.

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