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I'm implementing ShareKit in my app; I defined in the SHKConfig.h the following definitions:

#define SHKMyAppName @"MyAppName"

#define SHKMyAppURL @""

When I share a link on Twitter or Facebook or Email, it doesn't publish my App Store App link. instead it publishes the following:

Email - No link at all:

enter image description here

Facebook - There is no link/image within the message like I would expect; instead, it only shows the message the user is writing - and the access to my app is from the unintuitive Facebook Get AppName link at the bottom of the feed:

enter image description here

Twitter - here it gives a strange notification saying I'm missing some sort of APIKEY that I couldn't find any definition on the ShareKit files to set:

enter image description here

and then on Twitter Feed:

enter image description here

Can anyone refer me to what I'm missing here?

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Dun know if u found an answer but just for future reference, it is caused because of sharekit trying to shorten urls for tweets using . just get an api key for and put it in the config file , this will go away.

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