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I have been working with the development of a component. Now I have a form in the component

that is submitting to a index.php?option=com_mycomponent&task=myTask. Now in the controller

I have the function myTask() and I am specifying the view and layout like this

    $model = $this->getModel('mymodel');

    $view =& $this->getView('myview');

    $view->setModel($model, true );


I have the displayReports() function in the view.html.php and it is like this

function displayReports($tpl = null){

    global $mainframe;

    $this->_layout = 'viewcjreport';

    $reports= & $this->get('Reports');




But when I submit the form I am getting error as 'View not found [name, type, prefix]: cjunction,,kingdomView'.

Please let me know what is the issue here and how can I specify the view correctly. It will be a great help.

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From memory to make this work you need to create

class kingdomView_cjunction extends JView{

in components/views/cjunction/view.html.php

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