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How could I implement a "variant" class which would act as an adapter between Object and JAXB-natively-supported types?

I could then use Object in JAXB-annotated classes.

Therefor, I guess, I would need to store a type ID inside that adapter.

Any ideas?

NOTE: With "JAXB-natively-supported types" I mean types such as:
all primitive types, String, Date, byte[], List<any-JAXB-supported-type>.

Usage Scenario

class SomeClass {
    @XmlJavaTypeAdapter(VariantAdapter.class) // WITH OR WITHOUT?
    private Object somePrimitive = null;

    // ...

Variant Class Idea Pseudocode

class Variant {
    private final String typeID;
    private final String rawXML;

    // ...

Adapter Class (Trivial)

class VariantAdapter extends XmlAdapter<Object, Variant> {
    public Object marshal(VariantObject arg0) throws Exception {
        // ...

    public VariantObject unmarshal(Object arg0) throws Exception {
        // ...
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This existes already: See JAXBElement

Or for Collections and Map:

utils-apl-derived project

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Didn't work, see: stackoverflow.com/questions/6775345/… – java.is.for.desktop.indeed Jul 21 '11 at 11:33

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