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I am using paperclip to upload and display images in my Rails application.

<% @submission.images.each do | image | %>

<%= image_tag(image.data.url(:thumb), :alt => '') %>

<% end unless @submission.images.first.new_record? rescue nil %>

The code above displays the thumbnails of the images.

I would like to make the thumbnail a link so that when user clicks on it, a popup is displayed showing the original image.

I tried including a link to the thumbnail as follows:

<%=link_to image_tag(image.data.url(:thumb)), :popup=>['original_image', 'height=700,width=900'] %>

But i have no idea where to put the contents of the popup as image_tag(image.data.url(:original))

Thanks a lot for any suggestion provided.

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What you have is the thumbnail as a link, but you're missing what you're linking to. Try the following:

<%=link_to image_tag(image.data.url(:thumb)), image.data.url(:original), :popup=>['original_image', 'height=700,width=900'] %>
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Lovely...it's working great!Thanks –  tanya Jul 20 '11 at 13:08
I believe there should be a comma after (:original) –  Jason Galuten Jan 29 '13 at 21:29

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