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I got a camera set up with

        _aspectRatio = device.Viewport.AspectRatio;
        _projectionMatrix = Matrix.CreatePerspectiveFieldOfView(MathHelper.ToRadians(90.0f),_aspectRatio,0.1f,10000.0f);

The view matrix get set with the Update, and the _position is set by a rotation defined in rotation.

private void Update()
    _viewMatrix = Matrix.CreateLookAt(_position, _lookAt, Vector3.Up);

public void Rotate(float angle)
    rotation += angle;
    _position = Vector3.Transform(_position, Matrix.CreateRotationY(angle));

To set the sprite in the field, i use this code:

        _effect.Parameters["xWorld"].SetValue(Matrix.CreateRotationY(camera.rotation) * PositionMatrix);

It is working, the sprite is looking at the camera perpendiculair with the camera plane. Problems are coming when the camera position vector is changed, the sprite is keeping the initial angle and I don't know where I can calculate the changed Y rotation for the sprite.

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The solution was that I took the y rotation in the camera class. In that class I had a method where I could see the y rotation.

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