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I'm playing around with my new trixbox install. I've been able to setup my trunks and inbound routes; everything works fine for now.

Now i'd like to have the following behaviour :

  • When I receive a call; i'd like to immediately answer the call and play a message (announcement?) like : "Thank you for contacting us. Please wait while we try to find someone to answer your call"
  • During this time (endless loop) i'd like to ring a group of extensions; and when someone picks up the call the message will end and bind the caller to the extension that has taken the call.

Is this possible ? If so, can you please give me some clues on where to start.

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1)first u need create recording, it must be Wav uncompressed 16 bit 8khz MONO!!!!

2)after that u have upload it in "system recordings"

3)go to musiconhold, and create musiconhold class for this. if u have no muscionhold menu, og tools->modules, and download that module. also u need queue module

4)create queue with musiconhold class from step 3

5)put in queue ur destination, go inbound routes and forward all incoming calls(ANY/ANY) to queue.

hope that helps

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