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I'm doing an .NET application with Framework 3.5, I need to know the most updated version of Connector/NET with Framework 3.5, because the Connector/NET version 6.4.3 (latest) is compiled with Framework 4.0.

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You'll want to use Connector/NET 6.3.*, I think. It works with MySQL 5.0 and up.

Here is a versions table, but it doesn't list Connector/NET 6.4 yet.

Alternatively, you can download the source for 6.4. When you unzip it, there are alternative solution and project files under the VS2008 directory that target .NET 2.0. You may encounter some errors opening VS2008\MySQLClient.sln due to certain project types not available, but the MySql.Data project (VS2008\Source\MySql.Data\MySql.Data.csproj) should load just fine.

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