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I am trying to get SWIG to work with Visual Studio and C#.

I downloaded and converted the project to a VS 2010 project.

I am able to build the 'class' example. When I then try to run compiled build I get the error

    The type initializer for 'examplePINVOKE' threw an exception.

I haved googled the error, but have not found any suggestions on how to resolve it.

Hope somebody is able to help!



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Document the InnerException of that exception. – Hans Passant Jul 20 '11 at 18:32

What worked for me was to:

  1. Go to Build->Configuration Manager. For the C# project change AnyCpu to x86 and rebuild.
  2. Copy example.dll to bin\x86\Debug (Release).

Doesn't require CorFlags.

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I got the following answer from Gregory Bronner on the swig-user mailinglist:

    I had this issue as well (VS2010 , Windows 7, 64 bit computer, 32 bit mode dll, .NET 4) :

    The problem actually relates to being unable to load the DLLs

    There were two causes:

    #1:  All DLLs used by the C# assembly need to be in the same directory (or you need to change the lookup paths).

    #2: The C# or the C++ DLL (I forget which) had incorrect CofFlags -- use CorFlags  /32Bit+ *.dll or something like that.  You could also try using /UpgradeCLRHeader

    #3: You need to target the .NET 4.0 system in the project file, but 1 and 2 should get you started.

I will try these hints out and see whether they work and then post an answer if I am able to resolve the issue.

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The solution for me was

  • Move the used dll's to the Release (or Debug) directory
  • Run CorFlags /32Bit+ file.exe

where file.exe is the executable produced by building the code.

For more information on what is going on Í found the following links helpful

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