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Please help me with this because I cannot seem to get it right

I am trying to query a name(Daniel O'Neal) in column names tblStudents in an access database however access reports a syntax error with the statement:

Select * from tblStudents where name like 'Daniel O'Neal'

because of the apostrophe in the name.

How do I overcome this.

Thank you in advance

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You escape ' by doubling it, so:

Select * from tblStudents where name like 'Daniel O''Neal' 

Note that if your accepting "Daniel O'Neal" from user input the broken quotation is a serious security issue, you should always sanitize the string or use paramaterized queries.

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thank you ... it worked – Kevin Jul 20 '11 at 15:57
Out of curiosity Alex why would the escaping of quotes cause a security issue ? – Richard Spencer Jul 11 '13 at 8:31
@RichardSpencer in certain scenarios if you pass around string variables containing unescaped ' characters and then use them to construct SQL statements your open to SQL Injection attacks; – Alex K. Jul 11 '13 at 9:54

Escape the apostrophe in O'Neal by writing O''Neal (two apostrophes).

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When you include a string literal in a query, you can enclose the string in either single or double quotes; Access' database engine will accept either. So double quotes will avoid the problem with a string which contains a single quote.

SELECT * FROM tblStudents WHERE [name] Like "Daniel O'Neal";

If you want to keep the single quotes around your string, you can double up the single quote within it, as mentioned in other answers.

SELECT * FROM tblStudents WHERE [name] Like 'Daniel O''Neal';

Notice the square brackets surrounding name. I used the brackets to lessen the chance of confusing the database engine because name is a reserved word.

It's not clear why you're using the Like comparison in your query. Based on what you've shown, this should work instead.

SELECT * FROM tblStudents WHERE [name] = "Daniel O'Neal";
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...better is declare the name as varible ,and ask before if thereis a apostrophe in the string:


DIM YourName string

YourName = "Daniel O'Neal"

  If InStr(YourName, "'") Then
      SELECT * FROM tblStudents WHERE [name]  Like """ Your Name """ ;
      SELECT * FROM tblStudents WHERE [name] Like '" Your Name "' ;       
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