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Given the table:

id    domain        name    value
1     NULL          a       v1
2     example.com   a       v2
3     example.net   a       v3
4     NULL          b       v4
5     example.net   b       v5
6     example.com   c       v6
7     example.com   d       v7
8     NULL          d       v8

How can I run a query which will retrieve the following results for domain = "example.com"? Note that NULL domain is assumed when value is not specified for domain.

name    value
a       v2
b       v4
c       v6
d       v7

And for domain = "example.net":

name    value
a       v3
b       v5
d       v8
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Like so

(select name, value
from <your_table_name>
where domain = 'example.com')
(select name, value
from <your_table_name>
where domain is null
and name not in
    (select name
    from <your_table_name>
    where domain = 'example.com'))
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thanks, that works great :-) –  Lea Hayes Jul 20 '11 at 17:50

Aggregate over the maximum of value:

SELECT name, MAX(value) AS max_value FROM thetable GROUP BY name;
SELECT name, MAX(value) AS max_value FROM thetable WHERE domain = "example.net" GROUP BY name;
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Why not to use simple select SELECT name,value FROM table_name WHERE domain="example.net" ORDER BY name ?

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