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I have table with fields like id,title,no,url.

I want to auto increment id field

the table already has 1000 records in it with already some assigned ids

Now i want to auto increament the records that are newly inserted only .i do not want to auto increment the already present 1000 records .

Is there way i can do this???

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ALTER TABLE tablename MODIFY id integer (11) auto_increment;

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That will works as long you don't have duplicate id –  Gino Sullivan Oct 31 '11 at 23:42

Just set column to autoincrement. It will increment only new ids, and will set the autoincrement to max(id) + 1. Even when the column is autoincrement, you can set a value, and you'll change the autoincrement counter.

Please note, you have to create index on id, in order to make it an auto-increment field.

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yeah, just add auto increment to the field that has the ids already. The ids must be unique. The next auto_increment will be on the highest id present in the table....Try to use phpmyadmin

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Check the largest value of the id


and make the starting index for this table from the next value (+1)

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