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I have recently set up authentication for redis and have added a small function to my redis class to send an auth command to the redis server, which works fine. Even setting variables works fine, as tested from terminal ssh. However whenever I get a variable from the server it just replies OK where as before i started using auth it replied with the actual contents I needed. I even tried get on the terminal which also works just fine. Auth seems to be working alright, just can't get my head round why my gets are now just responding with ok.

Any help would be muchly appreciated.

Heres an example.


        $value = 'jock';

        echo $this->redis->get('somevalue');

Outputs 'OK'

Heres the basics of the PHP class.

    public function __call($name, $args)
    $cmd = $this->buildCommand($name, $args);

    return $this->readReply();

 * Builds the given command with any number of arguments.
 * @param   string   $cmd   the command
 * @param   array    $args  the arguments
 * @return  string   the full command
public function buildCommand($cmd, $args)
    // Start building the command
    $command = '*'.(count($args) + 1).CRLF;
    $command .= '$'.strlen($cmd).CRLF;
    $command .= strtoupper($cmd).CRLF;

    // Add all the arguments to the command
    foreach ($args as $arg)
        $command .= '$'.strlen($arg).CRLF;
        $command .= $arg.CRLF;

    echo '<br>'.$command.'<br>';

    return $command;

 * Sends the given command to the Redis server.
 * @param   string   $command   the command to send
 * @throws  RedisException
public function sendCommand($command)
    if ( ! $this->connection)
        throw new RedisException('You must be connected to a Redis server to send a command.');

    fwrite($this->connection, $command);

* Authorisation 

public function auth($password){        
    $cmd = $this->buildCommand('Auth',array($password));
    return $this->sendCommand($cmd);
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Which PHP lib are you using? Can you make another get after the one you are doing and check if that works? –  seppo0010 Jul 20 '11 at 18:26
Try a library like Predis. –  Colum Jul 20 '11 at 20:12

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