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I have an image stored in a Bitmap object that I'd like to stick into an OpenXML document. I've tried using a MemoryStream as an intermediate step as follows:

ImagePart part = container.AddNewPart<ImagePart>("image/jpeg", imageId);
using (MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream())
    bitmap.Save(ms, ImageFormat.Jpeg);

but that always results in empty files in the media folder and PowerPoint displaying an error instead of the images. I know that the MemoryStream has the image data correctly as I've written it out to a file without issue. When I try to load an image from a FileStream it works just fine.

How can I get this Bitmap into an OpenXML document?

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I was almost there, I just needed to reset the MemoryStream's position to the beginning after saving the Bitmap to it.

ms.Position = 0;

That line should be added between the Save and FeedData calls.

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