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I have a legacy Winforms app that, when using it is causing some strange problems. Portions of the app deal with images, users can add images to a record and those images are resized in .Net and saved to a server share. I'm having two problems using this application that both result in "A generic error occured in GDI+".

Users can view the record and the images show up fine, they can try to print and the dialog to choose a printer comes up, but when they click print, they get the error. The other is when users try to add a new image to a record, same generic error. The best part - only two users have this problem.

The images can be opened up from the share directly and printed, no problem. Both users are part of the same AD group with permissions on the share/files as everyone else. Both users logging into the app on another machine and doing the same works fine. I've tried giving the two individuals full control and ownership on the shared files, but still the same error. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app has no effect.

I've logged into each affected users machine and the application is installed on a per-user basis, but installing and running the app on the same machine with my credentials runs fine.

Anyone have advice from previous experience with this problem, or what I should try next?

Edit: This all started when we moved the shared folder to another server.

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GDI+ exceptions are pretty lousy, but this is almost always a permission problem. Make 100% that you know exactly where the file is being written and that the user has appropriate rights to the server share. And that the file they are trying to write to might not be locked by another machine on the network. –  Hans Passant Jul 20 '11 at 19:19

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You could try several things:

  1. When you open the image from the share, clone it in memory (create a new Bitmap object and copy all of the contents from the original image) and continue working with that in-memory object.
  2. ... or physically copy the image file from the share to the user's computer before opening it for printing.
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This assumes I have the ability to edit the application. Regardless, the application works fine as is for all other users, so I don't think a code change is appropriate here. Thanks though. –  RobertMGlynn Jul 26 '11 at 15:33

There is an old bug in .NET 2.0. However this bug happens only under Terminal Server or in Remote Desktop/Assistance session.

More info and workaround: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/953389

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